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What is Giclee printing?

Giclée printing is used for the reproduction of original works of art, it is highly recognized in the art world, because it maintains high quality standards. They are printed with high resolution pigment inkjet technology.

The papers used are 100% cotton and acid-free, with museum-quality pigment inks that ensure color durability on some papers for up to 200 years.

Sumi-e series

Japanese Sumi-e art is an ancient technique of oriental painting. Although it belongs to Japanese painting, it originated in China during the Tang dynasty (618-908). 
The works exhibited here are inspired by Sumi-e, whose technique is based on modern digital arts, taking them to a level of excellence (giclée). These are printed on 310g/m2 museum quality watercolor paper, using the highest quality inks.
They are original limited editions, signed and numbered, each including its certificate of authenticity and quality.

triptico serie bambu.jpg
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